Nan Hauser, with the assistance of benefactors Joan Daeschler and Helen Jordan, founded and built a Whale Education Centre on the back road of Rarotonga, Cook Islands in 2000.

For the past 10 years, the Centre has served as an educational experience for locals, tourists, students, interns, visiting scientists, volunteers and government officials. It has been a place to view videos, exhibits, specimens, whale-related artifacts and artwork by the children of the Centre. School groups visit the Centre and educational courses have been adopted into the local school curriculum and the internet.

Sheryl and Huw John, ‘Cook Islands Wildlife Centre Ltd’ have joined their efforts with Nan Hauser, ‘Çook Islands Whale Research Project’ to form the ‘Cook Islands Whale and Wildlife Centre’. 

Every admission helps support the ‘Whale research project’ so you help save Whales and Dolphins! 

The Centre’s is open Sunday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and only closed on Saturdays , allowing locals, tourists and students to learn about the Cook Islands wildlife and the ocean that surrounds us. The Centre gives everyone a better understanding of the country and its interesting history.

Thousands of people have visited. Many keep in touch and write personal whale stories and send newspaper clippings. The centre has served as a place of education, raising awareness and bringing curious people of all ages, together. It has provided a safe, learning environment for children after school and school groups during school hours. The children over the years have learned to care for the environment and take “ownership” of their whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and the creatures on the land.

The Cook Islands Whale & Wildlife Centre displays exhibits on the Ocean and its inhabitants, the shipwrecks, the geology, the land animals, the history, etc. here in the Cook Islands. Everyone involved has a deep concern for the Oceans, the whales and the environment.

So you are wanting learn about some of the history of the Cook Islands or looking for things to do in Rarotonga Cook Islands then come visit us at the Whale and Wildlife Centre.